Jethro Lion – Biography


Jethro Chinwe-Otito AbaraProfilo:Also known as: Jethro Lion,Reggae evangelist,Son Of Light
State of origin: Imo state, Nigeria
Genre: Reggae, roots reggae, dancehall
Occupation: Musician, Music producer, sound engineer
Instruments: Vocals, keyboard, drum, percussion

>>>>>Early Life<<<<<

Jethro Lion is a native of Ezinihitte Mbaise, in Imo state and the third of four children. Born by Late Mr Janna Ibe Abara and Mrs Margareth Abara. His interest in music began when his mother took him to a music studio when she was working on her second album in the year 1998. Spell bound at the craft of producers and artistes who would often come around to record, he made it a point of duty to always accompany his mother each time she went to the studio. Being eager to learn, he always took note of all that was going on. He showed similar enthusiasm for music in the church. Every Sunday, he would make sure his seat was the closest to the instrumentalists, in order to have a clemuview of how the entire band played. He took those lessons to school where he practiced and played as one of the band drummers for the school.

At the age of thirteen, his urge to play music had increased immensely. One day, he walked into a church, while the choir was singing with no musical accompaniment, being musically driven, he starred at the drum set for a minute and made a bold step towards the drum set to play for the church. That was his first attempt at playing a full drum set. This marked the beginning of his venture into music, as he automatically became the official drummer for the church. Not being complacent with his knowledge in drums, Jethro jumped at the opportunity to learn to play the piano, after the church had organized a two months music training course for its members. Immediately after school, Jethro always made his way to church for keyboard tutorials. At the end of the programme, he emerged the best and only candidate able to learn how to play the keyboard so he became the official keyboardist for the church, not having a drummer to replace him Jethro taught his friend how to play the drums and they both began to jam together.

>>>Later Life<<<<

As he got older, his interest in music had extended to music creation and production. His musical influences came from Dr Dre, Ojb Jezeerel, Cobhams Asuquo and Paul Runz who are all big producers in the industry. He started going regularly to a small music studio down in his neighbourhood and was there all day. He will sometimes run away from house duties to come to the studio to just sit and watch what was happening. After graduating from secondary school, he went on to learn music production through his mother’s connections. Since then he has produced for numerous artistes like: Kenzos, Freestyle, 2shotz, Niyola, Ruffcoin Nwaba Vector, Glenn, Fela Khaliif and to mention a few.
He also worked on a project together with Nigerian fuji veteran, Malaika to produce a peace and unity song which featured Oritse Femi and Dude Teshola. He was popularly known as caution caution J.Smith production.

>>>>>>Reggae Music<<<<<<

Jethro Lion has always felt that there was more to him than being a music producer. He has spent years nurturing his singing and songwriting skills while making beats for other artistes. He earned the respect and trust of the artistes that they let him direct and arrange their music because they trust his judgements. He has been able to channel that vibe into becoming the recording and performing artiste he is today. He found his sound and identity in Reggae music which forced him to embark on a personal boot camping for two years which in that time there was a lot of reading, a lot of researching, a lot of listening to music, a lot of practicing and a lot of meditating and through that meditation of the heart he captured a style and pattern that carries an heavy vibration with spiritual ingredients. He was asked during a radio interview that why the name Jethro Lion and he said ” Jethro is the father in law of the great Moses who divided the red sea through the powers of the Most High so mi late father must have seen a whole heap of things to have given me the name Jethro and the Lion now is a result of who I am. God blessed me with a mighty talent of music so yeah man, Am a Lion”. He was also asked why he choose reggae music of all genres and he said ” the world today is sick and reggae music is healing music and the world needs this healing. Nuff man dem a using the music to cause confusion and destruction but with my Father’s music there’s an intention to cure depression, cramp frustration and reject rejection enuh. Jethro Lion has no other work experience than Music.
The young lion has performed at shows like ital vibrations, Lagos state music festival where he gave a energetic performance. He performed at the Africa meet reggae world music festival in 2015 and shared the stage with legends like shared the stage with veteran Nigerian reggae artiste like Majek Fashek, Victor Essiet The Mandator, Ras Kimono, Pupa Oritz Wiliki sand other famous artists like Burna Boy, Oritse Femi Black Rasta and graced the same stage at the same show in 2016 with international artiste Eljait and Nkule Dube the daughter of the late great Lucky Dube, Victor Essiet of the Mandators, Sheyi Shay, King Wadada and many more. In 2019 he signed a distribution deal with VP Records arms VPAL Music to be officially managed by Enorecords LLC.