King Wadada – Biography

King Wadada
Kora Award Winner for Best Reggae Artist in Africa in the category of Best Reggae or Group 2010


The emergence of King Wadada on the music scene in Nigeria marked a decisive turning point in an era that has witnessed a dearth of authentic music. His kind of music shows a pristine stylistic performance pattern, very original and different from the rest musical style that is now a common stance in the industry. His Ntambala Reggae Music is sort of harmonious blend and kind of unique music that is delightful and meaningful to the audience.

King Wadada’s mode of costumes exhibits a typical “Moses Garment”, his sandals and neck chain that he uses when coming on stage with his long flamboyant dreadlock exhibits the typical prophets of God. These are setting elements about his music and performance that stand him out as a rare musician of non-conformist type with the modern day Soul-less music genre.

King Wadada hail from Orhionmwon Local Government Area of Edo State of Nigeria, specifically Urhonigbe Town. He was born on 6th of August 1975 in Benin City, Edo State. He attended Niger College, Benin city and passed out successfully before he switched into the music world.

King Wadada is music personified. He believes in making people learn from his experience in life coupled with the lesson learnt from the word of God. He likes to express himself in a way that his lyrics benefits the generation of children yet to be born. King Wadada graduated to mastering the rudiments of musicianship as a vocalist and a guitarist, top-rated Nigeria Artistes. He is no doubt sufficiently equipped to climb to the very top of the world music chart.

He loves to play the Guitar and Conga, a producer, a songwriter in fact multi-instrumentalist.

Within the short period of his entrance into the music scene with his own brand of Reggae music called NTAMBALA ROOT ROCK REGGAE which means African Spiritual Reggae Music. King Wadada had featured prominently in several concerts and festivals at both National and International Levels. Among them are:
– 2004 September, Live performance with Wyclef Jean at the Guiness International Concert, Shell Club Port-Harcourt, 2006 Felebration Concert King Wadada alongside with Lucky Dube, Femi Anikulapokuti e.t.c.

– Won the National Encomium Magazine (Amen Award) as the Best Reggae Artist for the year 2000/2002.

– Won the Best Spiritual Music (NMA) Nigeria Music Award London 2005.
– Honour as the Edo State Fashion Ambassador for the year 2002/2003 at the Urhokpota Hall by Oba of Benin.
– Featuring prominently at the reception party in honour of President Olusegun Obasanjo during his visit to rivers state, at the state house, Port Harcourt 2001.
– Star appearance at the Irigi New Yam Festival, with Bright Chimezie in Imo State, Nigeria organized by Nigerian Breweries Plc 26th December 2004.
– 2010 live performance with Akon in Benin Republic Stadium 50th Independence.
– Live performance in Germany with Nigeria Community Germany Hamburg (Nigeria at 50).

– 2010 live performance in Burkina Faso Stadium Kora Award Concert alongside with Akon, Psquare, Shasha Marley and Bebe Cool.
– Live performance for Nigeria Nollywood (AMP) 2010.

– Won Kora Award as Best Reggae Artist in Africa in the category of Best Reggae or Group 2010.
– King Wadada was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of his contribution towards making the 2010 US Consulate General a success after live performance in Colonade Hotel with US Embassy Crew.

– Award of honour by Faculty of Environmental Studies University of Uyo Nigeria 2010.

– Rarer Gem Award 2007 to King Wadada in recognition of his exceptional input towards bringing hope to Rarer Gem.
– Won Celebrity Award 2013 celebrating Nigeria (CN).

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King Wadada is a disciple of Jesus Christ and a Philanthropist. He said in his vintage self that until the whole world repent from their sins accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior in the right way and at the right time, he will not cut his hair, and neither will he remove the chain from his neck.

The catalogue consists of three albums including his current album. Highlighted below between first and second is the previously released album followed by the current album.

1. King Wadada dropped his first album titled “Holy Holy” in the year 2000 released alongside seven tracks.

i. Holy Holy
ii. Praise God
iii. Fire Is Burning
iv. Jah Mi Beg yah
v. Wadada
vi. Uwa
vii. Ina Babylon

2. The second album titled “If Men Were God” was released in the year 2004 alongside eight tracks.

i. If Men Were God
ii. Step In Natty
iii. Mi Nuh Want Jankara
iv. Alarm Pull
v. Osanobua
vi. Hello Hello
vii. Holy Spirit

3. The third album titled “Omnipotent God”, which is yet to be released with thirteen tracks.

i. Messiah
ii. Bless Me
iii. Give woman a chance
iv. I hail o
v. Ayewa
vi. Omnipotent God
vii. Laugh
viii. Happy birthday
ix. God is an african
x. I hear God say
xi. Mama neva lie
xii. You are the one
xiii. Born to rule

Record Label: Enorecords LLC